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Heidi Randall

Heidi Randall
Executive Director

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Heidi Randall has been the program director of Maine Boys to Men since July 2017 and, after a nationwide search, was chosen to be executive director. Heidi brings over 26 years of upper management experience within the for-profit and nonprofit sectors in Maine, having served in multiple gender-based violence organizations, with budgets of up to $1.5 million annually, as program director, associate director, and interim executive director. Heidi has gained extensive experience developing, delivering, and administering social change programming while working for Safe Voices, the Lower Hutt Domestic Violence Task Force, the Violence Against Women Act Measuring Effectiveness Initiative (VAWA MEI), the Maine Youth Action Network and Maine Boys to Men.

Heidi has worked in the fields of family violence, sexual assault and youth engagement in Vermont, Maine, and New Zealand. Before joining Maine Boys to Men, Heidi created a youth engagement program that spanned all of Maine, serving diverse communities and promoting adult and community partnerships with young people. In her work, Heidi facilitated youth-identified and youth-led social change projects.

Heidi writes, "For me, among the best things about Maine Boys to Men is collaboration. Our team and our board design and support the programs we create to end male violence. Our community of schools, parents, youth, and youth-serving adults bring the work into people's lives and communities—and that's where learning and change happen. The way forward is together!"

Heidi resides in Cumberland with her husband, Mark, and their daughter, Dylan.