What are the meetings like?

We begin with funny check-ins letting folks connect, and then we always have inspiring new learning related to gender, empathy, communication, or healthy relationships. Students are encouraged to take this new learning and share with other students, student groups, RSVP group, etc. The rest of the meeting is project work. We always have an event or project we are working on. We close by letting folks reflect on what they've learned and answer another connecting question.

As Maine Boys to Men Youth Advisory Council Members, we are...
· valued for our assets and contributions to the Maine community.
· meaningfully engaged in the topic areas of healthy masculinity and gender-based violence prevention.
· partnering with adults in our community and within the MB2M organization.
· engaging in dialogue and projects to improve our community.
· informed and inspired to make positive changes.
· providing feedback for MB2M program direction and effectiveness.
· offered leadership training to become better leaders in gender-based violence prevention.
· ready to carry our learnings with us to whichever communities we will be entering next.

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