GENERATIONS OF CHANGE: Fatherhood Training

This workshop engages and connects fathers through an interactive and informative experience, promising to help them strengthen bonds with their children while supporting their ability to raise socially aware young people.

We offer this workshop because fatherhood presents a unique opportunity for a man to revisit social and generational norms and to define the role he wants to play in his child's life. As a teacher and role model, a father can, through his actions and behaviors, positively impact his family and community. Fathers hold influence that can be transformative in the lives both of their children and of those with whom they interact.

Fathers will discover the critical role they can play throughout their children's social and emotional development; develop new strategies and skills to care for themselves as fathers; build connections with other fathers; and learn to communicate effectively, particularly on topics related to gender and sexuality.

We will explore healthy masculinities, boundaries, consent, communication, upstander intervention, and the connection between these and the reduction of male self-harm and violence towards others. Overall, we hope to create a stronger sense of empathy, connection, and belonging with our children and in our relationships.

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"The workshop provided an opportunity to more deeply explore gender differences and ways to promote respect for those differences."

"It was great to explore and connect with fellow fathers and share our experiences, questions, and aspirations for being better versions of ourselves for our kids."

"This program exceeded my expectations. The openness that was created by the organizers and speakers created an environment to share with boundaries, but in a way that I could really let me guard down and be open to sharing and learning different views and perspectives."

"This work truly is life changing."