Adult Programs

"I want fewer quests where my son is told 'Go out and fight it alone,' and more quests where he sees that it's his job to join a team, maybe a team lead by women, to help other people become better and be better people."

~ Colin Stokes, How Movies Teach Manhood

Maine Boys to Men is a youth centered organization. In fact, we offer the most comprehensive youth-focused violence prevention program that starts with the healthy development of boys as a means of ending male violence against women and girls.

This work takes an entire community. At Maine Boys to Men, we are committed to sharing our two decades of knowledge to help you confidently challenge the gender norms that limit us all, encourage more expansive views of masculinity, and speak up against disrespectful and harmful behaviors.

We offer specific programs for fathers, educators, and coaches, to help them in their important roles as allies and role models for youth. And, we have offerings for all adults. Our work is most impactful when done in mixed gender settings, so you will see this reflected in many of our offerings.

Please join us. You can change the lives of boys in a way that will positively impact them, and those around them, for the rest of their lives!